Pricelist 2021

All Prices VAT inclusive

Breed Wash & Blow Full Monty
Poodle Small R160 R240
Poodle Medium R180 R260
Basset R130 R200
Beagle R130 R210
Bedlington Terrier R180 R310
Bichon Frise R170 R260
Boston Terrier R140 R180
Cavalier King Charles R180 R280
Chihuahua R110 R180
Corgies R150 R220
Dachshund R120 R190
Fox Terriers  R180 R290
French Bulldog R120 R180
Jack Russell R120 R170
Welch Terrier R180 R240
Maltese  R180 R260
Pekingese R160 R260
Pitbull R150 R200
Pomeranian R140 R230
Pugs R110 R200
Schnauzer R180 R270
Scottie R170 R260
Shih-Tzu R160 R240
Biewer Terrier R120 R200
Spaniels  R160 R290
Staffie R120 R180
Westies R160 R250
Yorkie Standrd R120 R200
Yorkie Tea cup R100 R160
Mix Breed (0-20kg) Short R120 R200
Mix Breed (+20kg) Short R160 R200
Mix Breed (0-20kg) Long R180 R280
Mix Breed (+20kg) Long R260 R320
Large & Extra Large Breeds Wash & Blow Full Monty
Goldendoodle (GR+Poodle) R200 R340
Labradoodle (Labrador + Poodle) R220 R340
Cavapoodle (Kavalier + Poodle) R200 R300
Cockapoodle (Spaniel + Poodle) R200 R300
Airdale Terrier R190 R320
Border Collie R220 R290
Bouvier R250 R330
Chow-Chow R250 R350
English Bulldog R150 R220
German Shepard R260 R380
Golden Retriever R240 R330
Husky R260 R350
Labradors R180 R290
Poodle Standard R240 R340
Rotweilers R290 R360
Schnauzer Giant R260 R350
Setters R190 R270
Sharpei R170 R220
Full Groom includes nails, ears blow dry, brush and specialist breed cut. No deductions.
Anals & teeth brushing are excluded and will be charged extra.
Wash & Blow excludes nails, ears, anals and teeth brushing.
Extras Small Small Dogs Big Dogs
Cut Only R120 R160 R140
Brush Only R80 R120 R140
Bow R 15
Anals Only R 40
Nails Only R 40
Chauf-fur Service Price
Bantry Bay, Fresnaye R75
Greenpoint, Sea Point R75
Camps Bay, Clifton R85
Town & Surrounds R95
Newslands, Claremont R100
Constantia R120
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